How the Polo Ralph Lauren Brand Has Achieved Such High Success

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Polo Ralph Lauren the brand has become one of successful brand in America and across the world, as a well-known player in the design and lifestyle industry, under bender Polo Ralph Lauren collection of product range from reasonably inexpensive to expensive brand in men’s, women’s and children wear, accessories, perfumes and home furnishings. Widely seen as the number one brand that symbolize the American Style, Polo Ralph Lauren has implemented to its marketing strategy, which has leaded they to become a strong brand equity since being set up. Also, the brand has been selling its goods internationally, while it has kept up with its 45 years reputation and distinctive image developed across the different products and brands markets. Due to…show more content…
Customers can relate their lifestyle to the Ralph Lauren advertisements. For example the Ralph Lauren BIG Pony Collection for women advert portrays puerile, pulchritudinous, confident women wearing the Ralph Lauren Polo brand, and other Ralph Lauren brands, being able to be “free” and experiencing the “high-life” lifestyle in their own potency. This may make the women target market feel that they can relate to this particular advert. By purchasing and consuming the Ralph Lauren brand women can feel confident, they can have ascendance over men, maintain power and control and experiencing life liberatingly, which is the subliminal message abaft the advert.

Not only brand imagery is reflected in official Ralph Lauren advertisements. Brand imagery is additionally reflected through product placement. Ralph Lauren products have been featured in films like The Great Gatsby Immensely Colossal Momma’s House 2, Failure to launch, or even Television series like Friends. Ralph Lauren has taken this opportunity to feature there amassment through sundry mediums, which is incrementing brand apperception and engendering a denouement to the cessation consumer to cerebrate that if these famous people are wearing and representing the brand, then maybe they should purchase the brand, so that they feel part of this luxurious lifestyle community.

The Ralph Lauren emblem has been highly treasured by customers as a luxury emblem. Not only the Ralph Lauren items are

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