How the Problems With Health Care Affect Stakeholders

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Access to health care is a significant problem. There are many stakeholders involved in the health care system and this paper will outline how the problems with health care access affect them. In general, the major stakeholders of the health care system are the patients, the physicians, nurses, other staff, management, shareholders, politicians and regulators. The families of patients, insurance companies, suppliers, medical schools and others are all key stakeholders worthy of consideration as well. The problem with access to health care is that health care access is uneven, so that many people have no access. For patients, not having access to health care, or having access that it inadequate, results in shorter lives, adverse health outcomes and other negative consequences. This can range from patients having trouble finding a family doctor to consequences that are far more dire. Any problems for patients ultimately become problems for their families, who must care for them, and for politicians who might face political pressure to act to address the issue. Adverse health outcomes also affect the economy overall, as people who are at suboptimal health miss time at work and are less productive when they are there. In addition, patients suffer considerable stress over their health care. The plans cost considerable money for those who can access them. For those who cannot, the risks are even greater. People hold onto jobs they do not like because of the health care
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