How the Prophet Muhammad Spread Islam

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How the Prophet Muhammad Spread Islam Prophet Muhammad was the last prophet of Islam, he had made the biggest impact on the religion. Prophet Muhammad spread the Islamic religion throughout most of the world. He started spreading the religion after he had received the message from Gabriel, an angel sent from God to the Prophet. At the age of forty the message of Islam started to spread upon those who were yet to join Islam (Muhammed, the messenger of God). The prophet did not force others into the religion, people would believe the prophet from the acts that he did. The way that he did so was done in a very stable way that did not involve the harming of others, the Prophet had showed equality and gave the people freedom of speech when he attempted to do so. Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) had started the spreading of Islam at the place of his birth, Mecca. Before the prophet had spread Islam in Mecca, the main religion in the holy city was idol worshipping .In the beginning, the prophet had had quite a slow start to spreading the religion. The prophet taught those who lived in Mecca about Islam and had not spread the word in such a public way because he was ordered not to. He began by preaching those who were close to him, basically family members. The first believers to join the religion were Khadija (Prophet's wife) and Ali (Family relative) (Asfaruddin). Convincing the people to join Islam was not simply by preaching. The prophet simply
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