How the Red Scare Influence Arthur Miller's Book on the Salem Witch Trial

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Arthur Miller's “The Crucible” is based on the true events that happened in America at the time of the settlers, but was he influenced to write this story by the Red Scare of his era? During this time period americans feared for their life. The government was in panic just like the salem witch trials and, Miller was one of the many authors and artists that was attacked for his action during this period. WWII was a major factor in this paranoia and fear. The first major cause of the Red Scare and the fear of communism was WWII. Communism was not a big problem during the war considering that “During the war the United States sent more than $11 billion in aid to the soviet.”(Fitzgerald 27). After the war Russia wanted to punish the germans for attacking their capital, but the U.S along with all the other allied nations did not agree with the Soviet and tension between the two started. Although “The anti communist hysteria of the early 1950s was actually the second Red Scare of the United States.”(Fitzgerald 16), “the first occurred after a revolution in Russia in October of 1917”(Fitzgerald 16), the country reacted in greater fear than the the first time as proved “In New York City, 11,000 police and detectives were kept on twenty-four-hour duty, guarding all federal, state, city, and county buildings, as well as the Stock Exchange and the homes of prominent men.” (Murray 116) showing how much hysteria had invaded the government and the people. All of these events pushed

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