How the Social Importance of Religion Has Receded with Modernity

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Religion has always been of high social importance and influence within civilization and their society. This essay will argue that as modernity has progressed the social importance of religion has receded, but the gradient of this recession and by how much varies upon the society. Modernity typically refers to a “post-medieval historical period, one marked by the move from feudalism toward capitalism, industrialization, secularization, rationalization, the nation-state and its constituent institutions” (Barker, 2000). This essay will focus on the degradation of the social importance of religion, not spirituality, which is fundamentally different. Firstly, I will investigate, the impact of modernity on religion from the sociologists and…show more content…
Through this, it is people that created God through their own image, not people through God’s own image. The religious world is developed from society’s and its people’s understanding of the material world, that is, this is a materialist conception of society (Sunar, 2014). During the pre-capitalist ear in Europe, the Church was the pre-eminent ideological contraption for maintaining class rule, subsuming within itself other important functions such as education, communications and cultural (Althusser, 1971). Marx suggests that it is because human beings have failed to understand the way in which the natural and social worlds work, humans have attributed events to spiritual and supernatural causes. Additionally, for the rich upper class, religion is an ideologically justifying their high status, but for the poor religion plays a role as well. In Marx’s opinion, it is the opiate for the people. When he calls it the opiate for the people he is suggesting it is something that sooths the pain of inequality and their degraded social position. It helps explain why they are poor, and in Christianity, it suggests that if they are devout, they will be rewarded in heaven (Wallis, 1984). There is no doubt that scientific discoveries did begin to question traditional religions views. Religion and science developed throughout modernity and continue to. However, a series of tensions gradually developed between the religious
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