How the Use of Computerized Management Systems to Record Administrative Data Can Increase Quality of Care

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Having a single view of the patient and their treatment and recovery plan is invaluable in ascertaining which are the most and least effective tactics in treatment. The 360-degree view of the patient and the many processes supporting them is crucial for increasing the accuracy, effectiveness and performance of treatment programs over time (Blakeman, 1985). Computerized management systems are critical for organizing, analyzing and translating the massive amount of data captured on patients, treatment and recovery processes, and the use of supporting IT systems to optimize patient health and organizational provider performance (Peshek, Cubera, Gleespen, 2010). The ability to aggregate and intelligently use all available data, information, patient-based and process-generated data to deliver higher levels of quality care is possible when computerized management systems are used throughout healthcare organizations.
Provide a credible and well-supported explanation of using the computerized management systems could increase quality of care.
The greatest levels of credibility in the context of computerized management systems revolve around saving lives of patients and speeding up their recovery process. Studies of the effectiveness of computerized management systems illustrate that small increases in accuracy and stability of data on patient…
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