Essay about How the World-Wide-Web Impacts the way of Doing Business

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How the World-Wide-Web Impacts the way of Doing Business Since its comet-like boom in the nineties the internet has attracted myriads of companies to do business on this boundaryless media. And the boom does not seem to stop. eCommerceis a catchword, which stands for a whole branch of new types of businesses that mushroomed up in the last couple of years. Retailers, all sorts of companies, even law offices are using the web for their daily business. There seems to be no comparable other way to develop and exploit global markets. The internet is more and more used as a fast, innovative and cost-saving tool to gain and serve customers where they feel most comfortable and relaxed, namely right in their office or at home (Jonscher, 1999,…show more content…
A company that based its entire business on the world-wide-web is the web-retailer Amazon ( In an unprecedented way Amazon raised its world-wide empire selling books, music articles (CDs, tapes), movies, electronics, toys even kitchen articles to very competitive prizes. Amazon designed their website very creative and im plemented customer-friendly features, such as the possibility to listen to some selected songs of a CD via MP3-player. Hence, an online-customer has almost the same possibilities as a customer in a real music shop. Interested in CDs he can select from an enormous selection and he can even listen to the albums before purchasing them. The latest trend in e-commerce and e-business in a slowing economy is to focus and use all sources of advertising and commerce. It is not sufficient to have a fancy web-page any more, some customers also expect the company to have catalogues and shops. According to, the most successful way for any types of retailers is to provide all possible opportunities and to cover broad and multiple channels(multimedia). Also smaller businesses such as Bed and Breakfast, Small Inns are starting to use the internet to grow their business (Lituchy & Rail, 2000). Very often the world-wide-web is the only possibility for these businesses to reach out for the global market. However, especially young people are using the internet more and more frequently to plan their holidays. Small
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