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How To Analyze A Case
In a case study there is no right or wrong answer. The following suggestions will help you to analyze case studies more effectively: Read the case: The first step to a successful case solution is to read the case, carefully and with an eye for detail – more than once. Don’t rush through it. Look for the smallest of details. That is the only correct way to read intelligent conclusions. Look for case attachments and accompanying tables and numbers if available. Do not reach conclusions until all facts are considered. Your best defense against surprise is to read the case thoroughly. Take notes: Unlike textbooks which are written in chapter, essay or reprint form, case studies might be arranged in chronological order.
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Be specific about how the company will know if it succeeded. Quantify the desired results whenever you can. Identify alternatives: After identifying the problem, start thinking about the various alternatives available to the organization. There are usually more than two alternatives. Once you identify the alternatives, list the pros and cons of each alternative. This will help you revise the alternatives later in the decision-making process.

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Define the crucial or critical Issues: The crucial issues are those conditions, which affect the feasibility of the various alternatives. They serve as organizing points around which facts can be grouped and deductions drawn. Identify and rank the critical issues: These issues are at the heart of the case. If you miss a critical issue, you may not be able to solve the case to the satisfaction of your professor (or the client). Consider relevant information and underlying assumptions: Accept the fact that much of the information contained in the case will not be useful to your analysis. You should also accept the fact that you will never know all that you would like in order to produce a solution. Life is like that. So are case studies. List possible solutions: Every problem lends itself to more than one solution. Keep looking for good ideas – even when you have already thought of one that will solve the problem. Listing possible
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