How to Apply Scientific Method to Human Resource

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How the Scientific Method Can Apply to Human Services This paper will offer explanation of how scientific research can be used in the Human Service field. The paper will also explain the steps involved in scientific inquiry and why the steps are of importance, and then provide an example a scientific method related to the Human Services field. Next discussed will be a brief description of quantitative research and qualitative research, explaining the differences in both models and how the methods relate to the human services field and the scientific method. Further discussion will concern quantitative and qualitative research methodology. Subsequently touched on will be definition of mixed method research. Finally the paper will summarize…show more content…
Step 5: (Hypothetical) 35 of the 50 participants in the job training program were able to secure employment in new jobs (not factory jobs). With almost 75% of the group attaining employment after new job training, the closing of the factories in the community, with no new factories opening to offer employment, have been found to be the main factor in the upsurge of homelessness. Step 6: In some manner, communicate the study, program, and results to the involved organization and the involved community. Quantitative Research and Qualitative Research The word "quantitative research" implies that information is in "numerical or graphic form", while "qualitative research" means that information in "a narrative form (spoken words, recorded conversations) or a pictorial form", is present and obtainable (University of Phoenix, 2008). Quantitative and Qualitative Research in Human Services and the Scientific Method Staying with our example of homelessness, quantitative research would be the number of individuals that became homeless due to the factory closings. Qualitative research would involve the information from specific individuals, such as their individual thoughts of how and why they became homeless. Both, quantitative and qualitative research would be used in scientific inquiry and the scientific method in the process of the just offered study on the homeless. Both categories information would be used towards finding answers to the question of homelessness.
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