How to Arm the FDA Essays

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How to Arm the FDA

Every day as American's go about their lives, most do so with out the cumbersome worry of their food safety. It is because of the Food and Drug Administration that we are able to enjoy such a freedom that many around the world are lacking. Unfortunately, the FDA is ill equipped to meet the needs of a market that is continually expanding. The 400 inspectors that the FDA currently employs are unable to keep up in a market that has doubled in the last decade. Despite new discoveries in food preservation, the FDA simply cannot keep stride with the daunting task of assuring public food safety. Armed with this knowledge, companies are finding that they can simply disregard governmental regulations, as the odds are
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As this is so, it seems to me that the only solution is to double the amount of inspectors. Though doubling the current number of inpectors only gives us an additional four hundred agents, the company/inspector ratio is lowered from 142.5:1 to 71.25:1. Not only would this create a genuine awareness in the food industry that the FDA is intent on making consumption safer for America, but also we would benefit form the citing of more violations.
The imposition of larger penalties will be an integral part of making our food supply safer. First, the FDA will directly benefit from larger monetary penalties as the increased revenue from fines can be used to subsidize the addition of agents on an annual basis. This way, the number of agents will continue to grow to meet rising needs of the expanding food market. Next, the stiffer fines will also make it more of a risk for the companies who choose not to conform to governmental regulations. Thus, as the penalties pose larger financial risk for companies, would be violators will begin to find compliance more beneficial. As the addition of supplementary agents will naturally lead to the discovery of added violations, more food suppliers will begin to tighten quality control standards on their own. The effect is similar to a traffic cop handing out speeding tickets in a neighborhood. Not only does the police

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