How to Avoid Feeling the Need for Revenge

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Cool down your revengeful attitude : Sometimes people may get angry on someone when they are betrayed or harmed by any way. It is not very abnormal in man’s nature to hurt others, even without any solid reason. But you cannot always react instantly whenever someone annoys you. Nowadays you are most likely to face many such people who will pull you back in your office, betray you posing as a friend or even ditch you after claiming to love you madly for quite a few days! You will definitely feel severely hurt by these kinds of behavior and may want to pay them back in the same way as they have done to you. Lots of people have wasted themselves away in the process of taking revenge on others who have wronged them. In all sacred religious books, it is mentioned clearly that revenge is supposed to be an inhuman word, which kills all the humanities in a person. He/she cannot see exactly the outcome of their revengeful actions, in his/her fit of rage. People even seen to ruin their friends’ lives in their revengeful acts, which make them repent painfully later. So it is better to avoid such kind of devastation, rather than lamenting for the rest of life. How to handle insults or abuses : The words are said to be most powerful weapon that can wound a person, sometimes beyond repair. But when a person abuses you in front of others or even within a closed room; you may want to retaliate instantly and answer him/her in the same language used for you. But it is advisable to think
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