How to Be a Good Manager in the 21th Century

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How to be a good manager in the 21th century Nowadays, the role of a good and responsible manager gains a much greater importance than it did in previous years. These days it’s not only about meeting a financial goal. A good manager should also be a socially-minded and caring person. Interpersonal skills should be viewed as essential as the decision-making-ability. This is significant due to the fact that the employees are the key to a successful business. A company runs as good as its team and therefore it’s necessary to show respect for the employees and encourage and challenge them. A manager should also show his team his appreciation and give every individual the impression that he understands that he is doing something important for…show more content…
During this process, it’s important to motivate the people and let them know that they’re part of the company. The last 10% are the poor performers, who have to be dismissed. Although the main principle of this rule seems to be very radical, it is according to Welch the managers’ duty to assign a role to the staff. A manager should show his employees how they can develop within the company and not confuse them by keeping this information secret. Nevertheless it’s alright to fail sometimes. Making mistakes shows that one is actively doing something. After all, people are learning from experience and sometimes it’s necessary to fail in order to see reason. But occasionally the job demands a great deal of someone. Jack Welch is convinced that there’s no risk of getting burned out in an exciting job. Exhaustion can only be caused by a routine. Nevertheless, one must differentiate between important and less important things. A responsible manager should therefore primarily concentrate on major tasks with top priority while minor duties should be done at the very end. In this matter, Welch says it’s important to define clear goals if you want to be a good manager. It’s essential to know where you’re standing right now, where you want to get and how you want to reach the goal. Particularly regarding competitors, it is necessary to have a clear target. That’s
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