How to Be a Wedding Planner

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You are getting married congratulations! I am sure you know that the next step will be planning your wedding. I know that sounds daunting, but please do not worry. Planning a wedding is easy. I want you to just close your eyes and imagine what your day will resemble. You will step into your dress and transform into the bride. You are smiling because this is the day for witch you have been waiting all your life. You get to spend the rest of your life with the man who holds your heart and you are the key to his: But what most brides’ fear is planning the wedding. Contrary to popular belief, planning the wedding is easy. If you follow these simple steps, you end up with the wedding of your dreams.
First things first, you will need to make a
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Great ideas for you to have your wedding can be at the Beach, A Castle, or even a hotel. If you know it’s going to rain than I would suggest not having it at a beach unless you want to get your dress and hair wet. Always have a backup plan that way if anything may go wrong you will not be too stress out on you
The final step is buying your big ticket items. Getting your dress can make it feel that it is really going to happen. Bring your idea book with you when you are looking at dress. The wedding agent can even see what you are looking for and help you with some suggestions on what type of dresses will look great on you. I would suggest that you bring your shoes and hair piece with you so you get the best idea how the dress will look. I know that picking dresses may seem daunting but bring a person that you trust and respect their opinion. Don’t forget your bride maid’s dresses and your groom’s tuxedos. Another big ticket item is flowers. Talk to your florist about what you want and arrange them to do the rest of the work. This can be a load taken off your mind knowing that this is taken care of and will be delivered to your wedding on the day or the day before. Buying materials either in person or online should be done early on. You don’t want to be waiting for them when your day is drawing near. Being organized will relieve your stress. I am going to
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