How to Be an Effective Hr Practitioner Essay

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The aim of this report is to demonstrate I can be an effective practitioner in Human Resources.

Users of HR Services within an Organisation and Key Needs of each User
After researching, I can determine three users of HR Services in the Organisation to be:
• Employees of the Organisation
• Management of the Organisation
• Third-parties i.e. Clients

Two key needs of HR Services to the:-

1. Offer support to employees regarding equal opportunities to ensure all staff members have the same rights and privileges.
2. Verify that the employee is received the appropriate compensation including pay and benefits.

1. Provide management with correct and precise information regarding an employee’s
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• Face-to-face Meeting Communication.
This is the most personal means of communication. With personal contact you can develop, build and maintain relationships. By meeting the employee face to face you can understand the mood of the person by observing the body language, the information you receive is of a richer quality, you can clarify information interactively and issues can be resolved much faster. This is best used for a back-to-work interview or appraisal.

• Letter Communication.
This is the most formal means of communication. A record of the message can be obtained by both the company and the employee. This is best used if the employee has to be notified of a contract amendment, recognition or termination.

Key Components of Effective Service Delivery

Building and Maintaining Good Relationships
To build and maintain a good relationship with employees, the HR practitioner will need to gain their trust. This can be achieved by meeting the needs of the organisation as well as their own personal needs. As employees generally resist change, it is important to keep staff well informed of changes, why the organisation is changing and how it will affect them in their day-to-day role.
Michael Armstrong articulates ‘nothing succeeds like success’. Support for improved HR Practices can be accomplished by demonstrating to employees it has been successful in other parts of the business. Ensure the employee understands that contributions will be welcomed