How to Become Rich

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I am a student of business who has studied how people become wealthy throughout the existence of man and one thing I have come down to is this: Becoming wealthy is a state of being and a science. By becoming wealthy you change your character. Anyone can become wealthy, if they have the right amount of discipline, desire, and a way to become rich. I believe if you have enough will and drive, you don’t even need a plan to become rich. As long as you believe it and you can find others who will help you find a way, you can become rich. How can this be? It’s quite simple really. What would a person do if you gave them a million dollars today? Chances are that within a year –or much less –all that money and then some would be gone. Why?…show more content…
This is how I am wealthy. Say I made $3000 this month off my commission job that I have in owning my own business. Here is how my financial planning Chart looks like: Savings=20% Checking=80% Emergency Fund Investments Saving For Me Rent Food Car Utilities Miscellaneous Tithing Percentage 15% 2% 13% 10% Amount 90 12 78 500 150 400 250 300 300 And what do I do with the extra $500 I have leftover? I put it in my emergency fund. I can always plan for an emergency that I hope will never happen and be prepared to pay a good amount of it in cash myself that way I never have to worry about going into debt for an “emergency”. This is how I believe a person become wealthy. Now, being wealthy is a nice thing, but what good is it to be wealthy if you have no one to share it with. One of my dreams is to become a millionaire so that I can do secret things for good working people whom I come in contact with everyday and ease their burdens. This is why I have my budget plan. The savings for me is my account that I have to help those in need. For example, I have a friend who is expecting again and is in serious health failure right now and I am saving to pay off half of her mortgage and place that piece of paper on her doorstep. I never want it to be known how I helped her because I have more than I will ever need. That is why God
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