Essay on How to Become The Most Effective Educator

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How to Become The Most Effective Educator

“The good teacher discovers the natural gifts of his pupils and liberates them by the stimulating influence of the inspiration that they can impart. The true leader makes his followers twice the men they were before”. This statement by Dr. Freeman (1998) summarizes the reason teachers become educators and how good educators must think. As teachers, our number one responsibility that holds precedence over all other principles is the ethical responsibility to the children. We are committed to supporting children’s development “by cherishing individual differences, by helping them learn to live and work cooperatively, and by promoting their self-esteem” (Jalongo, 2002). These early
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Students respond more from those teachers who are responsive to their students needs and also supportive to each individual’s unique ideas and questionings. When teachers express to their students that they care for them they establish a feeling of “belonging” for the students through “teacher activities and practices that promote student interactions, and collaboration and active participation” (Krall, 1998). This feeling of a good student-teacher relationship effects the student’s academic efforts and causes more interest in their academic subjects.

After an interview with 33 young children, Eva Pomeroy (1999) concluded that student-teacher relationships and how it develops fosters learning and a feeling of security. According to the interviewees, students responded more positively to “teachers who they perceived as breaking out of a more distant teacher-student relationship model to establish a certain type of friendship with the students”. These children benefited more from a close relationship with their teacher. To be a truly effective teacher, teachers must be devoted to establishing an environment that is stimulating and organized, as well as predictable. According to Krall (1998), an early
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