How to Become an Effective Human Resources Management Officer

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Question: Write a 2,500 word paper on how you can become an effective Human Resource manager. INTRODUCTION For many people, being in a position with power can be very exciting as well as very intimidating without the rightful skills and knowledge, hence a Human Resource Manager may become frustrated and overwhelmed without the proper skills. To become an effective Human resource manager, you need to understand what is needed to do the job with style and tact. This is a very critical role of the company as it holds the heart of great performance and achievement. In today’s fast-paced economy competition is an issue of services and products hence much attention has to be directed to a better service and the best product, and also how…show more content…
The manager takes responsibility for planning, monitoring, and controlling the business performance. Usual first tasks are to set the goals and objectives to prepare a preliminary budget, schedule and select the group members, setting a training program if required, ensure required supplies are available and generally try to do whatever is needed to maximize the group performance in order to keep the business moving. To do this the manager has to have certain skills and characteristics. Two viewpoints have been advanced outlining skills and characteristics required to be a good and effective manager. Guest, D (1987) The personal characteristics are necessary to manage the group. Such personal attributes include aggressiveness, confidence, poise, decisiveness, resolution, toughness, integrity, versatility and quick thinking furthermore the managers require certain skills in order to deal efficiently with the human factors most likely to create problems for them in managing the group because certain problems are most likely to confront the managers, therefore they require particular skills in order to handle them. Hence the most important skills for successful managers as discussed here under by Gunningle et al (1997). The manager should be a good communicator, be able to organize which is good management Organizational
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