How to Become an Optimal Supervisor

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Initially, there appeared to be some challenges in getting Kelly to be honest and vulnerable about how she was feeling in sessions and as a growing therapist. After Stephanie Murphy and I switched supervisees for one session, Stephanie was able to provide Kelly with some important interpersonal feedback, which seemed to really resonate with Kelly. After this, I believe our supervision sessions were enhanced. Kelly still feels more comfortable having sessions planned out or using worksheets. However, she continues to learn how to trust her intuition and therapeutic skills. Kelly also had a case in which she was required to make a report to child protective services. This was our most affectively charged session as Kelly became very anxious at having to deal with the situation. Despite her anxiety, Kelly appeared to handle the situation in session very well and was able to seek proper supervision and followed the necessary steps to resolve the situation. Kelly role played how she would talk with her client and CPS about what has been going on. Define your perspective on “optimal supervision.” What do you believe to be the essential qualities of the supervision experience? What specific qualities detract from an optimal supervision experience? Support your conceptualization with relevant literature and examples from your peer supervision. (30% of your paper). (3 pages) My idea of optimal supervision is supervision that is individualized for the supervisee based on

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