How to Change a Baby's Diaper

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How many people have had kids or taken care of babies before?

How many people actually have had the chance to change a baby 's diaper?


I want you to think about this topic, and recognize that the act of changing diapers is anything but nasty or insignificant, it is in fact something you may need to learn (or redo) sooner than what you think, and when that time comes, I guarantee you want to be ready - and go for it!


I will show you how to change a baby 's diaper by first telling you the supplies you need ahead of time, second by using a step by step procedure and illustrations on how to do it, and third what are the major considerations when it comes to using cloth or
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a-The side with the tapes should go underneath.

7-Apply baby powder

a- Spread evenly to help prevent a rash in the future.

b- Pull the front of the diaper through your baby 's legs and with one hand gently hold it down on baby 's stomach. With your other hand untape one side and secure it to the front of the diaper.

c- Place two fingers inside the top of the front of the diaper (to tell if it 's to loose or too tight)

D-If it 's a newborn fold diaper below umbilical cord, so it stays dry.

e-If it 's a boy make sure his penis is pointing down when you put on the new diaper.

8- Replace your baby 's clothes.

9-- Wash your hands when done.


***The type of diaper you use on your baby depends on goals of cost, environmental concerns and time management.

***** Are cloth diapers cheaper than disposable diapers?

Disposable diapers:

**Different sizes

**Designed by age and weight of baby

**Keep baby drier

a- Seem Convenient

b- Buy them very often

c- Pay for disposal too.

Cloth Diaper:

**Different Fabrics ( cotton, terry cloth, flannel) and Thickness


b-Electricity, detergent, time

c-More breathable

d-No chemicals

****Cloth diapers need to be changed more often than disposables.

4-6 dispos = 6-8 cloth diaper changes

Using both is always an option as well. To get both benefits.

Example you can use:

Daytime = cloth diapers

Nighttime or traveling = disposable.


***Changing a
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