How to Clean a Refrigerator

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How to clean a refrigerator A refrigerator is one of the most burdened appliances in the home since it keeps most of the food that is eaten as it is stored or cooked from the refrigerator for the family. It is important that the refrigerator is kept clean and power efficient at all times. Below is a cleaning procedure for basic home keeping and can be used by home owners, house helps and any student back from school and willing to help in the same. What you need A Cooler With Ice Cleaning Cloths Soap Warm Water Non-Abrasive Scrubber Vinegar Gloves Vacuum Cleaner Procedure Remove all the food from the refrigerator-transfer to the cooler with ice and discard spoilt foods. Remove the drawers and shelves- the plastic and metallic shelves can be immersed in water immediately, but the glass should be kept aside to warm up. Wipe the interior of the refrigerator using the warm soapy water, wipe the interior thoroughly. Use of multiple clothes is advised here. Use water with vinegar to clean- the second cleaning of the interior of the refrigerator should be done with water with vinegar added since this will help wipe out all the traces of soap and leave the refrigerator smelling fresh and clean. Clean the shelves and drawers that were removed. The glass parts by now should have warmed up enough to be immersed in water. Use water with vinegar to rinse them as well. Clean the exterior of the refrigerator making sure the rubber gasket at the door is well cleaned
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