How to Communicate Effectively Essay examples

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How to Communicate Effectively
BCOM/275 Business Communications and Critical Thinking
19 March 2012
Brian W. Robinson

Introduction With regards to demonstrative communication, there is no one specific definition or context as to which this term can be described. Demonstrative communication is a form of communication that takes the form of descriptive facial expressions, body language and dress, to name a few. If a person is very animated they may make you laugh and you may pay very little attention to the point or story they are trying to get across.
Effective versus Ineffective Communication With Communication you will use all types of communication in a single sentence. There are your verbal tones, the way you present
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Physical Cues As I have briefly touched on your posture, Hygiene, tone of your voice, the speed of your communication, these can be physical cues for both the sender and receiver. If a person is talking to you and they are sitting with there arms crossed and sat back in the chair, their posture would indicate that they are most likely not very receptive to the topic. This is a “Tell” for people to pay attention to. This person is not comfortable in this conversation or the environment and it is your job to get them there. If you want to get your point across or have this person remember one sentence of your conversation it might behoove you to try. People from the south have a totally different way of talking non-verbally than a person from the north. This difference is a product of their environment and upbringing. I am not saying either is wrong it is just different. The most effective way to gain the confidence or build a rapport with the receiver is to try and match what they are doing. This does not mean emulate them exactly but to bring yourself to that level, whether that might be up or down according to your own evaluation of it. Imagine your late to work and missed the elevator and you had to run up the stairs. You would be out of breath and would not rush into your boss’s office like that? Or, you might, that would depend on what your excuse was going to be for being late. Just remember everyone
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