How to Compete with DIY Web Design, as a Freelance Designer

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How to Compete with DIY Web Design, as a Freelance Designer.
I have come to Fullsail University to learn web design in the hopes of doing freelance work. While researching web design I discovered the ease with which a site can be made. “WordPress can help get a website launched and maintained in no time and on a dime” (Joly, 2009). Whoa…how am I going to get people to pay me to do this? With all the different options available how do I compete? I believe that the solution is freelance web design and proper marketing. The days of the big web design companies are numbered. All hail to the Freelancer.

It’s Freelance
I know it sounds strange, but I think the little guy is the winner here. Web Design does not require much equipment or space; professional level work can be done at home. Freelance Designers have much less overhead, no employees to pay, no building to maintain and much less need of accountants and lawyers. With this lower overhead we can transfer some of the savings to the client, thus offering a more affordable product. The Service you can offer is much more personal. In an age where so much is done online, a little personal touch goes a long way. As a smaller business one can afford to take on smaller projects. Big companies can’t do much for a hundred bucks, but I will. Several small jobs can add up quickly giving your income the boost it needs.
Cut Overhead
Even though they have a higher overhead, it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t cut ours. Examine how
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