How to Convert a Traditional Organization to a Learning Organization

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Communication is the sharing of information for a variety of purposes including informing, persuading, motivating orinfluencing. There are two general ways of delivering the information: formal and informal communication channels.
Formal Communication in the Workplace
Formal communication is organized and managed information that is shared with relevant
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Daily communication with them will reduce the pressure of uncertainty. * open the lines of the formal communication channels to receive feedback and concerns. Respond to these as quickly as possible. If concerns are submitted from staff and no response is given by management, rumours through grapevine communication will begin to fill in the communication gap which was created by management.
Formal / informal communication channels exist in every organization. Formal communication requires thought and planning prior to distribution; informal communication, however, usually succeeds on its own mostly because of the very effective grapevine. While there are several advantages of grapevine communication, managing the grapevine also requires thought and planning. Even so, it’s very difficult to formalize informal communication, therefore, the best way to cut the grapevine is to provide accurate, respectful and timely formal communication.

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