How to Cook Vegetarian Curry

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How to Cook Vegetarian Curry Cooking a vegetarian curry is an important process to master, empowering the individual with the knowledge of how to make a tasty dish. The vegetarian curry is essential in any cook's repertoire because of the large number of individuals who prefer to eat vegetarian food. Moreover, it is relatively easy to prepare a vegetarian curry. The process of cooking the dish can be mastered by anyone. The main steps in the process of cooking a vegetarian curry include purchasing the ingredients, assembling the mis en place, cooking the ingredients in order, and finally, plating the food with the appropriate condiments. The first step in preparing a vegetarian curry involves knowing what to buy, how much to buy, and where to buy it. Depending on where the cook lives, all the ingredients might be available at a local supermarket. If possible, the person should shop at a large Asian supermarket because of the wealth of curry-related ingredients available there versus a standard Western supermarket. The choice of ingredients varies and depends on what vegetables are in season, and what type of curry is desired. At least one green vegetable like broccoli, kale, or Swiss chard should be used in the vegetarian curry. Likewise, one orange vegetable like a squash or carrot should be included. A white ingredient or two, like mushroom and tofu, also enhance the texture, taste, and appearance of the curry and should be used. In addition to vegetables, a can of

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