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1) Describe a business that you would like to start.
Discuss how you would use global outsourcing to accomplish your goals.

2) Your university wants to recruit high-quality high school students from your state.
Provide examples of
(a) the data that your recruiters would gather in this process,
(b) the information that your recruiters would process from these data, and
(c) the types of knowledge that your recruiters would infer from this information.

The data will be the raw information collected on high school students such as SAT scores, extra-curricular activities as well as GPAs. The information that is derived will be using the data collected to determine which high schools the receuiter shoud focus on to find
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No money and no job is worth someone’s health or life. The only negative is when the electronic automation takes away jobs from people resulting in higher rates of unemployment.
Case Study Questions: 1) Describe how information technology enabled the Jasmine and Egyptian Revolutions.

As shown in the article information technology was the key factor of their success. By the power of information technology the stories of Mohammed Bouazizi and Khaled Saied was more assessable for hundreds of thousands of people that eventually gathered together to instigate a positive change in their governments.

2) Describe efforts by the Tunisian and Egyptian governments to quell the revolutions. In particular, describe the efforts that were directed at information technology.

The desperate efforts by the Tunisian and Egyptian government to turn off the Internet was highly ineffective just gave more reasons for the young people in Tunisian and Egyptian to fight on for their cause. The proved that even when trying to distribution of information cannot stop. The public found ways and other technologies to still keep them connected with each other and the outside world. Information was still being received in other countries and distributed by different social media sites.

3) Discuss how information technology contributed to higher oil prices and higher prices you pay for gasoline.
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