How to Creating a Positive Atmosphere in Your Classroom. Introduction

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According to Rogers cited in Coetzee, Van Niekerk, & Wydeman (2008), classroom climate is the tone that the class experiences in normal daily life. The classroom is essentially a group of learners brought together for the common goal of learning. The attitude of the class depends on the attitudes of the individuals in the classroom, as well as the educator’s attitude. The educators’ role is to use their knowledge, skill and behaviour to create an effective and positive learning environment in their classroom (Coetzee, Van Niekerk, & Wydeman, 2008). Coetzee et al (2008) postulate that the educator can develop a positive classroom environment by: distinguishing the features of a classroom as a learning environment, discussing stages for …show more content…
2008). On the other hand, cognitive theorist Weiner suggests that an individual’s actions are driven by their beliefs and attributions of success or failure. Lastly social learning theorists think that an individual’s actions are determined by the value that a particular goal holds for them and their expectation of success (Coetzee et al. 2008). Every individual identifies with a different theory and may be motivated differently. However, motivation, irrelevant of how it is achieved is either intrinsic or extrinsic.
Extrinsic motivation refers to motivating factors that are external, like money or grades. These rewards provide additional satisfaction and pleasure that are not necessarily gained from the task performed. On the other hand intrinsic motivation comes from inside an individual and refers to the person’s inner desire for success (Coetzee et al, 2008). Outcomes based education has increased the need for learners to take responsibility for their own education; as a result intrinsic motivation has become more relevant. Intrinsic motivation happens when a learners self efficiency (personal competence) and determination (personal control) to succeed occur at the same time. Developing learners intrinsic motivation can help promote academic success (Dev, 1997).
To help learner reap the advantages of intrinsic motivation, it is essential to provide academic activities that promote the development of
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