How to Curb Workplace Violence Between Nurses

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Work Place Violence between Nurses There is a growing concern over the increase in violence between nurses in healthcare work place (Sofield & Salmond, 2003). Henderson (2003) observes that violence between nurses jeopardizes the work environment, emotional and physical wellness of nurses as individuals and a team. The overall outcome of the workplace violence is undesirable with there being low levels of care to patient due to low morale to work. This paper gives recommendations to stop work place violence among nurses. Measures to stop work place violence between nurses Violence in healthcare institution compromises effective delivery of quality care to patients and violates integrity and work place ethics. There are necessary steps to take to stop violence between nurses and entrench the desirable work environment (French & Morgan, 2002). The employers, supervisory staff and nurses have a role to play to ensure non-occurrence of violent action at work. Zero-tolerance policy against nurse to nurse violence should be religiously followed in order to ensure zero occurrence of violence. The policy should be communicated to all nurses in the hospital through workshops and training seminars on a regular basis. This will facilitate a deeper understanding to the nurses on the needs to maintain a non-violent work environment. The training will also enlighten the nurses on the manifestation of violent actions that should be avoided. Conflict resolution measures between nurses

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