How to Deal with the Stress of Getting an Education

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You wake up one day and have to face reality: you have dozens of places to be after school, your homework pile has been stacking up all week and is beginning to resemble a globular stack, and you have three major tests to study for. Everyone has experienced this to some degree at least once throughout their high school career. Thankfully, there are several ways to avoid this from occurring. The first step to prevent an immense amount of stress caused by school work is to purchase a planner of some sort. Throughout my freshman and sophomore year, I neglected to purchase one and consequently forgot a majority of my homework on a daily basis. Near the end of the school year, I was fed up with running back to the school to pick up one simple sheet of paper or a heavy textbook. I bought my planner on Amazon, but many girls tend to purchase them from Lilly Pulitzer. If you find yourself strapped for cash however, most high schools (including Henry Clay) provide them for free or an extremely low price depending on whom you speak with. Planners allow you to make a note of upcoming tests, projects, and homework on a daily basis. By having a constant reminder of your daily tasks, it becomes nearly impossible to forget. It also allows you to be more likely to study for a test because it will constantly be shoved in your face. A planner does not, unfortunately, help when you find yourself stuck with several different activities to do after school. You may have a club meeting, a job,
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