How to Decide on Your Major Essay

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Deciding on a major seems like a very tedious task and it always feel like your friends already got their future planned out. Even if you do decide on your major, it is not guaranteed that you will stick with it, because your interest might change. Deciding on your major earlier on can get you prepared to go into that field by taking similar classes or even looking more into it. Deciding on a major is an important process and it involves 3 different steps: your interest and hobbies, your probable job options, and your school options. The first thing you need to do when deciding your major is to think about your interest and hobbies.They can help you determine a major that you are interested in. Most students just look at the…show more content…
Some people just go into certain jobs and majors because it has a higher salary, but you need to know that money cannot buy happiness. I would rather go in a career which I love, but make little money then go into something I hate that make a lot of money. If you have to stay in one place for your career then you might want to see how many job opening are there in the area of the major you are considering. Location is a big thing for some careers to. If you want to do a major which got to deal with water, like a Marine Biologist then you need to live near a lot of water, like the coast. Internships are a great way to start getting experience for careers. If possible, you should always try to get an internship before you go into a career, because you get to know what it is like. If you don't like the internship job, then you probably wont like the career either. Doing a major with animals, like biology, or zoology, you should do an internship at a zoo or animal clinic. These are all great things to think about when deciding on your job for a major. The third thing you need to do when deciding on your major is to think about your school options. You should look at all the college catalogues that you are interested in. The college catalogues should give you all the listed majors that that school offers. If you are limited to the schools around you then you might have to choose another major, because some school don't have majors that other
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