How to Define Psychology

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Name Five Approaches to Psychology
1. Social Psychology
Social psychology is about understanding individual behaviour in a social context. Baron, Byrne, and Suis (1989) defined social psychology as “the scientific field that seeks to understand the nature and causes of individual behaviour in social situations”. It therefore looks at human behaviour as influenced by other people and the social context in which it occurs.
2. Comparative Psychology
This is a science which studies animal behaviour, although human behaviour is studied. There are several issues involved in the psychological study of animals; some of them resolvable by evidence and others more question whether to try to list the peculiarities of individual
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As an emerging discipline, it integrates ideas from fields such as artificial intelligence, epistemology, linguistics, mathematics, neuroscience and philosophy. It maintains that behaviour can only be understood by studying the underlying mental processes, interaction between an organism and its environment influences its behaviour as well as its knowledge of the environment. How animals behave may not be applied directly to the study of human behaviour, but how machines learn maybe. Knowledge is not something that is acquired but something that is created by a learner based on what they already know. Cognitive psychology is often compared to behaviourism because of the acute contrast of the perspectives. Whereas behaviourism fails to address mental processes, cognitive psychology aims to create a coherent description of these processes characteristic of human kind. Unlike other perspectives in psychology, cognitive psychology’s reputation is based in experimentation and the scientific method. Its main goal is to explain how humans transform input into thought and actions by the complex and often mysterious process of cognition. Cognitive psychology addresses the unobservable nature of the human psyche and uses abstract constructs to produce observable behaviour resulting in a more
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