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HOW TO DEVELOP SRI LANKA FISHING INDUSTRY INTRODUCTION 1. Sri Lanka is a tropical island in the Indian Ocean and low- to middle income country with a population of nearly 20 million and it was locate in south-east of the Indian sub-continent between latitudes 6 -100 N longitudes 800-820 E with consisting land approximately 65,610 km2. The majority of the peoples’ are Singhalese (74%) while the rest of (26%) were include Sri Lankan Tamils, Muslims, Burghers and others. The Sri Lanka is a developing country after gaining independence from British and also island was totally covered from waters of Indian Ocean. The fishery sector has broadly contributing to the of Sri Lanka economy. The coastal area is consisting 1500 km2 and the…show more content…
Therefore the fishing activities were much more limited in the Sri Lanka specially Northern, Eastern and North Central area and production also have gone down. 3. At present fisheries has become one of the foremost money earning ventures all over the world. Because presently modern technology is widely used in fishing industry, also much progress has been made in this field, due to rapid development of the society and the increasing of population. But still Sri Lanka could not achieve required level of productions and also unable to meet the present market comparatively other countries of the region. 4. In Sri Lanka economy, the GDP account of fisheries sector was 1.8%.The Marine and Inland fisheries production in 2012 amounted to 486,170 Mt and value was it Rs.134,967,also growth rate was 23.6% than the year 2011, Due to enhancing the livelihoods of coastal and rural poor and plays. During the period around 262,530 active fishermen engage in both marine and inland fisheries while 986,410 household depend on the income gained through fishing and related activities. (FS, 2013) 5. The generated revenue in 2012 was Rs. 26,363 million from the growing export market. The foreign exchange income within the fishery industry has account for 2.5% of national export earnings. A positive balance of Rs. 8,963 million is indicated for external trading of fish and also about 22,800 of

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