How to Develop Your Coaching Style and Increase Performance

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Develop Your Coaching Style and Increase Your Team's Performance Every good team, whether in sports or business became that way because of having a coach to provide direction and support in good times and bad. Becoming an effective leader to your team means that you will need to become comfortable with your own personal coaching style and become confident in your ability to lead a team to instill confidence in your team members. Not everyone is a natural born coach, but by being an effective leader and being able to effectively champion the members of your team, you should see improvement in performance. Simply put, being a good coach means helping others perform better by helping them improve their existing skills, correcting poor performance, or developing new skills to bring them to higher achievement levels. Becoming a successful mentor means that you will need to develop your soft skills in recognizing the development needs of your team members and how they get work done versus focusing on what they are getting done. If it appears that a team member is lagging, then you need to be able to determine the reasons for that and develop a plan of action with that employee to improve performance. Creating an environment where your team members will look up to you in times of crisis and are not terrified of making a mistake will go a long way to instill trust in your fellow workers that you are there to help them, not to just penalize them for poor performance, which leads
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