How to Dispose of a Corpse Essay

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Life always ends in death. Death is something most people do not like to think about but is inevitable. Other people give extensive thought and planning into what will actually happen to their mortal body. As long as we live, difficult decisions and choices must be made; even what we want to happen to our bodies after we die. Societies no longer just bury or cremate; corpuses are preserved, reused, and recycled. The United States of America as well as other countries offers traditional, unorthodox, and unusual disposal options which are influenced by culture, religion, or cost factors.
For centuries, other cultures have tried to preserve their dead. The Egyptians were the first know society to preserve their dead through embalming
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This method will preserve the body for a few weeks. Full embalming is more complicated and will preserve the body for about 100 years. The torso is cut open and all organs (to include the brain) are removed. The organs are dismembered with scissors or knives, and then dried with a preserving power. The preserving powder is spread into the empty torso and the organs are put back inside before the body sewn back together (9). After completing the embalming process the body is cleaned, groomed, and clothed, making it ready for display and to be transported to the gravesite. Natural burial would be chosen if more people knew the gruesome details of embalming. The validity of embalming is questionable. Embalming is not a legal requirement and requires the loved ones permission. The United States is the only country where embalming is frequently practiced (Colmane, 3). Many people believe it is an unnecessary environmentally unfriendly process and funeral homes encourage it as a way for them to make more money. Even though these issues may be valid, this method for preserving bodies is important and needed at times. Non-embalmed bodies will spill fluids, decompose quickly, and smell rotten. Therefore, when it takes a few weeks for a mortal body to be displayed or if it is going to be transported to a long distance location it should be embalmed. While embalming is common in the United States, some religions are against
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