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Melissa Williams English 101 Essay 1: How to do A Quick Weave Ladies have you ever wanted to change your hairstyle and didn’t know what to do? Do you ever get tired of looking the same way? Do you want to look classy with long flowing hair? Here is a great idea for you. Quick weaves are beautiful, fast to do, and easy to maintain. It doesn’t cost a lot, and the hair would make you fall in love with yourself. You can have short, long, thin, or thick hair. It doesn’t matter this will work for you. You will receive information on the tools you need, the steps, and the styling. It is the beginning of a beautiful makeover. The main ingredient for this process is the hair extensions. You can go to the nearest beauty supply…show more content…
Take the hair that’s hanging from the ponytail, pull it tight, split it in half, and gel both sides down. Sit under the dryer for one hour or until your hair is dry and hard. Once your hair is dry you are ready to start the next process. Now get ready to use your hair extensions, glue, and scissors from your supplies. Take the hair out of the packaging and unroll it. Start by laying the tracks in the back from ear to ear and work your way to the top. Once you reach the top of your head where you left the hair out, use it to cover the tracks. Now you have a beautiful quick weave that is ready to style. Long hair is what people usually prefer. With long hair you can take the straightening iron and go over the hair to make it blend. If you like short hair and want a bob pull the hair in the ponytail to the back of your head. Take the scissors and cut the hair that’s hanging out the rubber band off, and take out the rubber band. Use the straightening iron and curl the hair under and there is your bob. Play with your quick weave and style it however you want it’s your hair. Quick weaves are one of the greatest hair styles. If you never had one and you are confused, you can YouTube or Google beautiful, trendy, and popular styles. They are better than wigs, and you can change hairstyles as often as you like. If you have little or no hair and want long hair, this is definitely for you. If you have long hair and it’s thin you can use this

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