How to Drive Value Your Way

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MGT665 – Individual Assignment HOW TO DRIVE VALUE YOUR WAY Submitted By: Hiten Bachani (129278117) 0 MGT665 – Individual Assignment Main theme The paper revolves around the migration of the value within the supply chain as industries and technologies evolve. The basis of which can be traced down to the changes occurring in the patterns of consumer behaviour. But the changes in consumer patterns does not necessarily result in the value being shifted from one stakeholder to other; rather it is purely a function of the type of industry and how it has evolved over the years. Idea in Brief Argument Successful Companies do four things well: Problem Lessons In turbulent times, profits have a tendency of migrating up or down the…show more content…
Also, it talks about the new corporate giants like Facebook and Google who do not compete in a sector but on the other hand shape it. This is because they focussed on the latent needs of the customers and came up with a value proposition leveraging the internet space (platform) at the right time making it difficult for the rivals to imitate because of the viral diffusion of the technology. Does it make sense??? Yes, up to a certain extent it does makes sense and there have been ample examples in the past to prove the hypothesis. Over time the customer needs have changed and successful organizations have reoriented themselves to cater to their needs. Also, they have been cautious to preserve their share of pie by following the rules mentioned in the text. However, the conditions vary from industry to industry due to the different dynamics of the business scenario and the ecosystem in which they operate. It is worth noting that reputation of the player (not factored in the methodology) also plays a major role in some industries viz. Pharmaceutical industries. This may help the incumbents in the short run and give them a buffer time to rethink their strategies and retaliate so that the value does not move away from them. My opinion The author has done justice to his research by quoting right examples at the right
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