How to Essay (Stick Shift / Manual Transmission)

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Andrew J. Lontok
Prof. Babcock
ENG 111

How to: Driving a Manual/Stick-shift Vehicle Have you ever wanted to learn how to drive ‘stick’; or maybe, the car you saved up for only comes with a manual transmission? Perhaps you rather look more ‘slick’ and have more experience by driving a manual rather than a plain old automatic? Driving a manual vehicle is not very difficult if you follow these steps: getting used to using the clutch-pedal and the gearbox, beginning to drive, and learning to shift while driving.
When first learning how to drive a standard (Manual) vehicle, you need to become accustomed to using the three foot- pedals, instead of using only two like you normally would when driving an automatic vehicle.
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Now that we’re ‘up and running’, it is now time to familiarize yourself with the location, as well as feel, of passing through the gears. If you’d prefer, you may learn to shift the gears without the car running (while having the clutch pushed-in). Or perhaps, you could familiarize yourself while sitting in the passenger seat, shifting gears with someone else driving the car and operating the clutch. Be sure to place the ‘stick’ all the way fully into the gear—until it won't go any more—but don't force it. If you stop halfway, you will hear an incredibly unpleasant grinding sound when releasing the clutch which means your car is not properly in gear.
The hardest and most intimidating part of driving a stick shift, for most beginners, is the process of actually getting the car moving in first gear. It may take some time in order to understand how far down you need to press down on the gas and how slowly you need to release the clutch-pedal in order for the first gear in your car to engage to get moving. To prevent any frustration and self-inflicted brain trauma, it is critical that you accept the fact that you’re going to stall the car while learning how to drive stick-shift; like most beginners. Stalling is part of the ‘initiation’ process into the skilled ‘Brotherhood/Sisterhood’ of the

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