How to Establish a Sustainable, Positive Atmosphere in Your Classroom

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Title: Factors that contribute towards classroom atmosphere and how to establish a sustainable, positive atmosphere in your classroom

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1. Introduction 2 2. Learner Motivation 2 2.1. Extrinsic Versus Intrinsic Motivation 4 3. Communication 5 4. Interpersonal relations between learners and the facilitator 6 5. The maintenance of discipline 6 6. Classroom discipline policy 8 7. Conclusion 9 8. References 9

The benefits of creating a positive learning atmosphere in a classroom are numerous. Schools that have a positive learning environment embody a place that students enjoy coming to everyday and where they are able to perform to their full potential. A classroom culture can
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For example, motivated learners often make a determined effort to really understand classroom material—to learn it for themselves meaningfully so that they are able to use it in their own lives.

1.1. Extrinsic Versus Intrinsic Motivation
Learner motivation can be either extrinsic or intrinsic or both. Intrinsic motivation comes from inside a person whereas extrinsic motivation means that a person is motivated from sources outside of themselves (Nieman & Monyai : 2006).
Consider the following examples:
Patsy doesn’t enjoy maths but she is taking the class for only one reason: Earning an A or B in maths will help her get a scholarship to the University of JHB where she really wants to go.
Patsy demonstrates extrinsic motivation: She is motivated by factors external to herself and unrelated to the task she is performing. Learners who are extrinsically motivated may want the good grades, money, public recognition that a particular subject/accomplishment might bring. Essentially, they are motivated to perform a task as a means to an end, not as an end in itself.

Peter on the other hand has always liked maths. He loves the sense of accomplishments he feels when he solves a difficult problem and it all comes together. It makes him feel alive and stimulated. He’s excited to learn new math techniques and sometimes gets so focused and absorbed with a math’s assignment that he

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