How to Evabgelize Using the Right Method for the Situation

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A person can evangelize many different ways. There are intellectual methods, relational methods, and confrontational methods. There is no right or wrong way to evangelize only the right method for the situation. In this paper, I will be discussing one way of evangelizing for each of the different methods. This paper will include the Romans Road method, the Friendship evangelism method, and the Door-to-Door evangelism method.
The Romans Road method of evangelism is well known by many Christians and may feel like one of the safer ways to evangelize. The “road” is a road map of biblical verses laid out in such a way to help bring someone to Christ. It is a very logical way of evangelism. The first step in the road to romans is that All Have
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Door-to-Door evangelism is one of the more risky methods in my opinion. Door-to-Door evangelism is just that, you walk around a neighborhood knocking on people’s doors in an attempt to witness to them. There is much stigma attached to this method however as many cult groups and overzealous use this method. (Effective Evangelism Training, 2011, p. 1) There can be many benefits to this method however. First, if you reach someone who is genuinely interested in your message, you can ask to pray for him or her and invite him or her to your church. You can assess if there are any needs they might need met and offer ways to have the needs met. Often time’s Door-to-Door evangelizers will have a small gift or bible to offer. Some disadvantages of this method include, having a door slammed in your face, being cussed at or lied to, being treated like a trespasser. In general, society does not respond well to people who go door to door preaching. People get comfortable in the little bubble their home provides them, and when someone comes to their home trying to change how they live, they can get defensive. However, many people out there would love nothing more than for someone to show up at their door offering them the love of Christ Jesus.
When deciding what method works best for any one person, you must consider the entire situation. Is the person you are hoping to reach someone who would benefit from a more direct, intellectual approach, or are they

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