How to Gain the Most from the Media in Our Lives Essay

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Media has always been an important factor in society, and it always will be. The way an individual discerns the world dictates how they interact with it, but the dichotomy between media and society goes both ways. People perceive media differently based on experiences in their lives, within each decade a shift in norms, trends and technology is observable. Jerzy Kosinski uses a character that perceives society based on television alone to depict the way media affects an individuals perception and how they interact with society. Television , from its dawn has been an ever changing medium all across the world. In Being There television is a standard form of media, much like today , it is a normal aspect of everyday life. This…show more content…
While this synthetic reality was displayed, Television also shifted news and events from simply being a voice to actual footage of the event. (Excerpt #1) Chance would theoretically be viewing a different generation of television, however the “norms” of what are acceptable for television evolve constantly. Even in the 1960’s programming “reflected good, old fashioned ideas of family values Controversy was not up for discussion.” Which likely led to the “lack of extended viewer ship, apart from the societal norms, was lack of believable content.”
Jerzy Kosinski had seen the evolution of of these changes, perhaps the largest change was when more trials and tribulations of reality were beginning to be aired. Chances lack of exposure to explicit material creates interesting situations in which chances clueless innocence are apparent. His and lack of any ostentatious ironically makes him very “different”. (Excerpt #3) “quote” in this scene, Chance...

The Novels subtle approach to identifying flaws in the way media portrays the people, and the way individuals perceive what the media delineates. Chance is Kosinski's vessel that carries the burden of viewing the world through a distorted pinhole lens; however he deduces things to simplistic and eloquent solutions that send him surging onto the global scene in which the watcher becomes the watched. While this novel is by no means a subversion of the media or an attack on television being in
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