How to Get Rich

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It all depends on how much money you have available and what your current skills are. You can start out by finding qualified leads for those who are professional real estate investors. This is something you can start in your spare time, use very little money to accomplish, have no financial risk, good credit is not a must, and it is a way to gain practical experience about real estate investing without spending money on investments.

You will simply find quality leads for the investor, and they will take care of the rest. Each lead that the investor is able to close on, will earn you a fee for finding the investment. There are several different ways to arrange a fee for your work. You may want to charge a flat rate per qualified lead, or a percent of the purchase price of the property. You can also use a combination of rates, the choice is yours.

You are an asset to those who invest in properties on a professional level by saving them time and money. You may find some of them are willing to help you with questions you have concerning real estate investment.

This is absolutely something you can start in your spare time. Keep your current job and work on this as a side-line that may turn into full time work. There is plenty of research you can do on-line to find distressed and foreclosed, or pre-foreclosed properties.

This is a something anyone can do, and you don’t need a certain level of education, qualifications, or experience. It does not matter who…
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