How to Have a Purpose Driven Life

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How to Have A Purpose Driven Life.... Everyone in life has a purpose for being put on this Earth, but everyone doesn 't know what that purpose is. We walk in life day by day wondering why we were put in this cruel world thinking that there is no answer, but the truth is, there is an answer. The Purpose Driven Life was written by Rick Warren to show people that they find their purpose through God and until they realize that, life will never make sense to them. In this essay, one will learn that no one is an accident, what drives a person 's life, life from God 's view, the reason for everything, and that we were all planned for God 's pleasure. Life may seem purposeless sometimes, but get ready to learn that you have a purpose from God. …show more content…
The understanding that life is a test is the realization that nothing in life is purposeless. Everyday that we go through something is a growth opportunity for our purpose here on Earth and we must value that. “The ultimate goal of the universe is to show the glory of God” (Warren 53). That is the reason for everything in this world, including us as people of his creation. We are a reflection of God 's glory in some type of way and everything that he created plays a part. God 's glory is the expression of his goodness and all other eternal qualities. Living for God 's glory is one of our main purposes in life and the greatest achievement we can accomplish in life. We bring glory to God by loving our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. Loving the family of God comes with people 's Christian walk in life. We have to learn how God loves because God is love. Also, we bring glory to God by being Christ-like. Once we enter God 's family, we are set to standards to walk a Christian walk. God wants us to grow spiritually and learn how to think as Jesus would. The more Christlike a person is, the more glory they have for God and spreading the word to others is a huge expectation in a person 's Christian walk. That 's why as Christians we are taught to believe that we are made to last forever and have a purpose to fulfill before we leave this Earth. Lastly, everyone on Earth was planned for God 's pleasure.
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