How to Help Australians in Poverty

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Do any of you wake up one morning and not know if you’re going to be able to have a decent meal for the whole day? or not being able to have a shower and brush your teeth? What even being able to drink clean water? These questions may seem extreme or over the top, but it is a complete reality to those living under extreme poverty. According to research of the oxford dictionary , poverty is the state of being extremely poor. My goal here is to inform you about the main causes of poverty and what we can do here in Australia to help those in need. What are the causes of poverty? There is no one cause for poverty across the world. However, there are many components that contribute to poverty.

One of those includes overpopulation, imagine living in the same house with 20 other people. There wouldn’t be much space to do anything, countries such as China and India have such an incredibly high population density that they don’t have the necessities to look after everyone. Overpopulation has a large impact to poverty, as it gives a rise to unemployment as there are fewer jobs to support such a large amount of people. This then results in a rise in crime as people are resorted to steal to simply feed for their family and the basic needs.

Another contribution to poverty is inadequate education and employment. Something we take for granted in a developed country is the ability to have access to education. Many children in third world counties have diminutive knowledge about
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