How to Help Our Country

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By Ramon J. Farolan
Philippine Daily Inquirer
Sunday, 31 July 2005

There’s a booklet making the rounds in Metro Manila ,that every Filipino who loves his country should get hold of and read, and hopefully put the points it raises into practice ,in order to help our nation. It doesn’t dwell on a shift to a parliamentary form of government or a federal system ,which are politicians are so fond of talking about as the answer tour problems, or as a way of providing a graceful exit for someone. It doesn’t dwell on the need for an expanded value-added tax, which are financial geniuses have been proposing as the answer to our fiscal deficits. “TWELVE (12) LITTLE THINGS EVERY FILIPINO CAN DO TO HELP OUR
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– Honesty, more than a masteral or doctorate degree, is what gives credibility. And credibility is essential because it is a leader’s link to the people. It is what makes the people look to one direction, follow a common vision, and perform a uniform act. In short, credibility is what makes people follow the leader. 9. Pay your employees well. – No exercise is better for the human heart than to reach down and lift someone else up. This truly defines a successful life. For success is the sum, not for our earthly possessions, but of how many times we have shown love and kind ness to others. 10. Pay your taxes. – In 2003, P83 billion was collected from individual income taxes. But 91 percent of this amount came from salaried workers from the government and private sector, people who had no choice since their income taxes were withheld mandatorilly. Only P7 billion of the P83 billion came from businessmen and professionals like doctors, lawyers, accountants and architects among others. 11. Adoft a scholar or adopt a poor child. – You can make a difference in the future of our country by making a difference in the world of children. 12. Be a good parent. Teach your kids to follow the law and to love our country. – Today’s children will someday rule and lead this would. But whether they will be bad rulers or good leaders will depend largely on how we raise them today. Our future is in the hearts and minds of our children.
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