Essay about How to Identify Gifted Children from Standard Students

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How to Identify Gifted Children from Standard Students

There are many approaches for identifying gifted and talented students; some include standardized tests, such as intelligence tests, and creativity test. These tests should be inclusive to ensure gifted and talented students are not disadvantaged on the basis of gender, racial, cultural or socioeconomic backgrounds, physical or sensory disability or geographic location (Department of Education and Training, 2004). Another method is through direct observation by either the teacher or the parents. One thing must remain clear when identifying gifted children, there are multiple forms of intelligence and each child exhibits their intelligence in different ways. Depending on how or
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They prefer to be active participants in their approaches to learning and are not categorized to one type of learning. “…these students must be involved in educational experiences that are challenging and appropriate to their needs and achievement levels” (Parke, 3rd para.).


For each type of student there are disadvantages and advantages to the curriculum. In all counties in the U.S., curriculum is based on the average students’ abilities and set at a standard rate. Some students fall above this standard rate and some fall below it.
The curriculum is set to teach as well as challenge the average student what they are required to learn and more. It’s to the average students’ advantage that it’s set on their needs. If the standards were set on a gifted students’ level, the average student would have a hard time working at a faster pace and working more independently. “Teachers must adapt to the curriculum and learning environment to provide a classroom climate that meets the academic, social and emotional needs of the students who have a wide range of readiness skills, learning styles, and curricular needs.” (Ehlers, Montgomery, 1999).

If the
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