How to Implement Arts and Crafts Style

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<p>The arts and crafts design is a distinctive type of interior design that opts for a beautiful, artistic and natural feeling. It became popular in the turn of the 20th century as a preferred alternative to the more conservative, rigid and stuffy design that was common in the Victorian era. It's a style of expression, appreciation of natural and traditionally made furnishings and the beauty of art. If you're looking to change up the interior design style in your home, there are several ways that you can transition into an arts and crafts style.</p> <h2>Wood</h2> <p>Nearly everyone who enjoys the arts and crafts style will tell you that wood is one of the most vital aspects to achieving the style. Not just using items that are made of wood, but keeping them unpainted and usually unstained. Nothing can quite match the look and feel of wood grain in a home, and it is a wonderful addition to any room. Wooden doors, trim, chairs, tables, bed frames, dressers, cabinets and more can all be made from wood. Remember that any wood items in the bathroom should be sealed or treated to prevent rot from the moisture buildup.</p> <h2>Color Selection</h2> <p>The arts and crafts style works with a simple palette of colors. They are mostly natural colors such as various shades of brown, green and yellow. Other colors can be included, but they should be relatively dim in brightness to avoid seeming out of place. </p> <h2>Selecting Hardware</h2> <p>There are certain parts of the home
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