How to Improve Quality and Productivity in a Construction Company

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How to Improve Quality and Productivity in a Construction Company
GM588 Final Project

During eight years ABC Construction Company has normally focused in construction of buildings within the commercial, industrial and multifamily markets in the Southeast of the United States. Normally, the company was used to deal with small and medium companies requiring short-term work, taking from one day to a month to complete. In the last year customer composition has changed; ABC Construction has now large architectural, commercial and public utilities as customers, and some of them are requiring all contractors and subcontractors to set up a quality management initiative that meets their own quality management systems. Their
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A quality management system has to have the potential to change attitudes, culture, and work procedures at ABC Construction in a way the organization has never experienced before. On this process the company needs to form high performance teams where employees interact and work in cross-functional teams. Processes and documentation shall meet both customers’ stated and implied needs.

Literature Review
Unlike the production of goods, which can be taken from the production line if they do not meet specifications, construction product is in a form of a project, which once built it cannot be taken away and replaced by a new one on the same project. A project is a unique representation of customer needs and requirements and it is constrained by schedule, cost and performance. These three are inextricably linked such that altering one will undoubtedly have an effect on the others. Required performance can be said to represent quality, according to Crosby, (1984), who describes quality as simply: “conformance to requirements.” The overall concept of a quality management system in a project driven organization like ABC Construction is shown in Figure 1 (Stebbing, 1993).
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