How to Improve Service Quality from Internal Control Perspective

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Introduction/Summary The fast food restaurant industry is highly competitive nowadays. It provides the same kinds of food around the world. Customers feel satisfied with short waiting time and low prices. And to guarantee the high quality services, it is important for companies to have an effective internal control of the restaurant. Yoshinoya, as one of the largest Japanese restaurant chain and global brand with more than 1,400 worldwide locations, announced four new restaurant openings in their core U.S. market of California, Texas and New York. In order to stay competitive in the market, Yoshinoya hired the professional consulting group to provide advice of how to improve service quality. This white paper will examine the operations of…show more content…
They are the links between senior management and basic staff. To avoid brain drain, Yoshinoya provides several acceptable and possible solutions, which include increasing salary and compensation, implementing performance appraisal system and giving stock options. After meeting with the senior management and discussion about this problem, we suggest Yoshinoya give each regional general manager a one-time, $20,000 stock option as a motivation. On one hand, stock options could largely increase loyalty and motivate employees to work harder, on the other hand, for Yoshinoya , it is better to keep the talented than to train the newcomers, no matter from the economic concerns or from the operational perspectives. In terms of the problem of too much power for regional general managers, Yoshinoya should set a clear responsibility division between regional general managers and administrative departments/human resources department and state the corresponding responsibilities for each of them clearly in the written regulations. And most importantly, make sure everyone knows well about what his duties are. Moreover, Yoshinoya should enhance control over regional general managers. In order to know how they complete their jobs and to assess their performance, the senior management could conduct a customer- and-market- oriented survey, as well as staff performance review quarterly.

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