How to Integrate New Members in the Team Essay

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Introduction I am writing an assessment to understand why an induction process is needed to ensure the new member works safely and efficiently as soon as they start. I will ask new members of the Organization to find their reaction and finding of the current Induction Process. Also looking at how coaching in the workplace can help new and existing employees to improve their skills and learn how to perform new skills. I’m going to develop a plan to induct new employees into a team and also to coach existing employees to improve skills The Induction process has to be effective to new employees and this process should be well known by the person ensuring this procedure is carried out. They need to know why the induction process is there, how…show more content…
My current Organisation Romec has a induction process in place lasting 12 weeks with regular reviews and a final evaluation sheet to ensure everything is going well and highlight any areas that may need further development. A new employee will be sent a welcome letter, employmentcontract/terms and conditions, staff handbook, Induction Tick List and a AXA PPP information booklet. A plan is then constructed to suit the new employees needs depending on what role of importance they are taking within the company. The first day they are greeted by the line manager to ensure they feel like a valued employee and they go through a Induction Script set out by the company roughly taking around 2 hours. This Script explains the following Policies: (Appendices 1)  Company Overview  Employment Information  Attendance / Absence Information  Annual leave Procedures  Dress code / PPE  Pension Scheme  Probationary Period  Local Information (security sign IN & OUT)  Tour of Workplace / Introduction to colleagues  Use of Company Facilities  Quality / Health & Safety / Environmental management Systems  Health & Safety and Environmental Policy Statement  Injury and Near Miss Reporting  Local Hazards Explained  Designated Hazardous Activities (Engineers Only)  Display Screen Equipmentand Work station Assesment 
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