How to Make Training Needs Analysis

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TRAINING NEEDS ASSESSMENT A Must for Developing an Effective Training Program

By Judith Brown, Director of Research
Training needs assessment is an ongoing process of gathering data to determine what training needs exist so training can be developed to help the organization accomplish its objectives. Conducting needs assessment is fundamental to the success of a training program. Often, organizations will develop and implement training without first conducting a needs analysis. These organizations run the risk of overdoing training, doing too little training or missing the point completely. There are four main reasons why needs analysis must be done before training programs are developed. 1. To identify specific problem areas in the
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Training is appropriate when your organization can be expected to gain more benefit from the training than it invested in its cost. The value of any training investment to the organization must rely on the vision and judgment of line supervisors and managers. You may authorize training to build skills and knowledge levels that help employees better contribute to your organizational mission(s). In some cases, the need is immediate and the training remedial; in other cases, the aim is to update and maintain professional knowledge; and in still others the goal is to prepare for requirements anticipated by higher level officials. The following factors might indicate training or development needs of your employees:

A. Development of employee/management skills to fill a current need
• Trainee or intern training plans • Reduction in Force (RIF) placements • New Employees • New supervisors • Managerial competency assessments • Reassignments • Promotions

B. Employee relations/organizational problems
• Performance problems • Production problems • Safety problems • Inspection deficiencies

C. Meet changing needs
• New technology • New equipment or programs • Modernization of equipment • Mission changes • Laws and regulations

D. Career Development 4

• Employees’ requests • Career enhancement plans

The Purpose and Objective for Conducting Needs Assessment Identifying
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