How to Make the World a Better Place

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Breana Arnold
Mr. Montera
Honors Freshman Lit&Comp
What I Have Done and Will Do to Make the World a Better Place Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! During the 21st century, in the United States there are many good ways the youth can help make the world a better place. Trying to help make the world a better place is very important because one needs the world to live on. One needs to be resourceful with natural resources. I have recycled, picked up trash, participated in community events, and fundraised for important organizations and sports. I will do everything I already do more often, enforce the no bullying policy, plant trees, reduce the amount of electricity I use, and take shorter showers to make the world a better place. In the
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There are many great effects to trying to make the world a better place. Recycling will affect the world in a positive manner because the things one no longer need can be useful to others and it helps lower pollution. Picking up litter in one’s neighborhood is very important because, with a nicer community, more people will want to come live there. Participating in community events, not only helps the community as a whole by cleaning it up and donating money, but it also helps the world. Fundraising for important organizations helps the world because organizations like Walking For Cancer helps fundraise for those who can’t afford treatment. Destination Imagination helps encourage children’s imaginations and thought process. D.A.R.E. helps keep children off drugs and the children are the future of the world. Sports are also very important because they give children a passion to focus on. Reducing bullying will impact the world in a positive way because it will allow students to do their best in school if they aren’t constantly worried about what they look like and be more focused on their work. A simple smirk or rude comment can totally ruin someone’s day and make them feel terrible about themselves. More trees in the world would help with drought and heat exhaustion because they provide shade and keep the air clean. Trees also provide habitats for many important animals that keep the eco-system in balance. Shorter
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